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//  Origin:  Argentina
//  Genres:  Gypsy Music / Tango
//  Years active:  2004- Present
//  Label:  Arc Music

Short Bio
The music we play involves two different styles: gypsy and tango, whose blending gives rise to unique genre characterized by the passion and the euphoria coming from gypsy music and the melancholy and nostalgia from Argentinian tango.


LABEL: ARC Music  |

Management | Booking: Alejandro Montero |


We have been touring Europe from 2009 to 2023, performing in the following venues:

Salzburgspiele Festival (Austria)
Tollwood Festival (Germany)
Fusion Festival (Germany)
Breminale Festival (Germany)
Christopher Summer Festival (Lithuania)
Nights of Naumburg (Germany)
Schlossnacht Dresde Festival (Germany)
Gypsy Festival (Germany)
Rigas Ritmi Festivalis (Latvia)
Romane Dyvesa (Poland)
Ethno Jazz Festival (Poland)
Officyna Festival (Poland)
Donauinselfest (Austria)
ZOA Festival (Austria)
​Sunseitn Festival (Austria)

Festival Internacional de tango (Argentina)
​Festival Internacional de Jazz (Argentina)
Birmingham Jazz Festival (UK)

Aub n´Air Festival (Germany)
Vamos Festival (UK)
Small Nations Festival (Wales)
Llangollen International Festival (Wales)
Gyspy Festival Slovakia (Slovakia)
Jeff Festival (Slovenia)
Vincoli Sonori Festival (Italy)
Tivoli (Denmark)
Aarhus Jazz Festival (Denmark)
Copenhagen Jazz Festival (Denmark)
Colour Meeting Festival (Czeck Repubilc)


Lolas verrückte Welt - Ein Mutmach-Buch - nicht nur für Eltern von Kindern mit Down-Syndrom (2014)

TV Program "Labas Rytas Lietuva", Lithuanian National TV (2013)

TV Program "Conectados", Canal Encuentro (2012)

Art in the Streets (2012)

"We Art Water" Film Festival (2012)

Tv Program "Me.cem" Slovak Tv (2011)
Festival Universitario de Música y Arte (2011)
Theatre Performances (2010)
Tv Program "Los personajes de los Jueves", Canal 8 (2009)
Tv Program "Stop TV", Canal 8 (2008)

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