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Córdoba - Argentina



If there is something that is very clear to us after this experience, it is that we do not want to stop being grateful. It is true, there was a lot of work, a lot of study, a lot of effort and a lot of passion. It is also true that without you all this would not make sense! Thanks to friends, families, institutions, technicians, those who prepared such a beautiful space, the most recent fans and the most faithful. Thank you for the smiles, the applause, the hugs. Thanks to those who gave us support of all kinds, whether with their ears, their eyes or their arms.

"The Argentine trio "Tzigan" ... exalted a large and grateful audience with their moving, virtuoso and melancholic music ... Each of the three musicians is tremendously virtuoso on their instrument, everything is so finely coordinated that it really comes to life to the trio as a unit...This music expresses a longing...the longing that each separation may one day be reunited..."

- Jürg Kesselring - Altes Bad Pfäefers -

“The combination of gypsy swing and Argentine tango... the fusion of the Balkans and South America is captivating and intoxicating for listeners. The band impresses, above all, with precise interplay - every cut, every unison, every change of rhythm emerges in perfect amalgamation. And thus, its members awaken curiosity about the background and origins of their music, where there is still much to discover.”

- Ingolstadt Donaukurier -

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