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"Unique... A singular rythm with argentine flavor; fresh air for gypsy music..." 

- Rumbos Magazine

"The band especially create an impact with their fantastic sightless interaction. Each break, each unisono, each time change functions as if from one single cast.
The other of the band´s strenghts is the loud-picturesque representation of musical images. It´s the travelling people who carry the manifold musical influences from
all around the world within themselves."

- Ingolstadt Donaukurier

"Music made of almost violent constrasts between the rise of anger and the despondency of the melancholy. (...) a very good work, original and played with the necessary intensity. The trio is one of the most attractive groups that offers our scene."  

- La Voz del Interior

"...the melodic and lyric depth takes us on a ride between wagons and routes of Russian gypsies. With instrumental virtuosity and a deep respect for lyrics..." "...tremendous melodic rises of the violin are accompanied or sometimes event doubled by the accordion, so enarmonic and, as the guitar, very forceful..." 

- La Docta Jazz

"During the concert in" Neu Welt "it soon became clear that the type of tango of pubs, tourist places, milongas and tango schools ... is insufficient, this trio strongly associates it with gypsy rhythms from Eastern Europe. (with Argentine heart) the Russian soul and also suggests that the Río de la Plata flows through the Taiga. These musicians (who offer us a high level in their own way of treating their musical tradition) make arrangements using virtuosity and a compositional skill, often primitive that presents characteristics of daily life in their society, their geographical situation, their region ... ... they do not think about "making art", or in "offering" a concert ... they just want to express that "internal fire" by doing what they feel: playing music"


- Ingolstadt Donaukurier

". the Argentine trio "Tzigan" ... elated a large and grateful audience with their stirring, virtuoso and melancholic music ... Each one of the three musicians is tremendously virtuoso on his instrument, everything is so finely coordinated that you really experience the trio as a unit ... This music expresses a yearning ... the yearning that every separation might be reunited one day ..."


- Jürg Kesselring - Altes Bad Pfäefers

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